We support women in leadership to achieve their next goal

Several years into our project ‘Around the World in 80 Brands’, we noticed that 95% of the business leaders we interviewed were men. So the question arose: Where are the women leaders? Research showed that women do not like to talk about themselves. “If I work hard, people will notice me, and I will get promoted.” – think again. –  When a man and a woman receive an award… the man will hang it on the wall… the woman will put it..yes, in a drawer.

Our mission is to help women ‘get the award out of the drawer’.

Our methodology: defining her personal brand, building and nurturing her online reputation, using third party storytelling.



Tags: Anouk Pappers, #AnoukPappers, CoolBrands Women, CoolBrands People, thought leader content, finding a board seat, authority positioning, women leaders, gender parity


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