Why any CEO should build a strong personal brand

I recently came across an article by Aimee Tariq in Entrepreneur Europe. She talks about the changing environment around CEOs in the past decades. Specifically, regarding their anonymity, which has passed…

Her conclusion, which is 100% aligned with my view on the topic: “It’s absolutely worth a CEO’s time to build a strong personal brand — and honestly, if any top decision- makers out there haven’t yet started this task, they’re coming from behind.”

Some interesting facts:

“Content shared by employees of a company has eight times as much engagement as content shared by the company itself.”

“CEOs who are active personally on social media and have a strong personal brand are able to leverage that in a way that makes their company stand out.”

“44 percent of the market value of companies was attributed to the reputation of their CEO. Now, that’s staggering.”

“Since your reputation is your company’s reputation, personal branding is more important than it’s ever been for managing that risk.”

“92 percent of people surveyed trust recommendations and word of mouth over brand messaging; and having a CEO who’s actively endorsing the company’s message, even through “personal” platforms, is a huge asset for any company that can successfully leverage it.”

“Manage your reputation while you can. This will pay dividends for your company, pay dividends for your career and help people  gain trust in you, personally.”


Check out the original article here.


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