There is only room for real people, genuine relationships, real food, honest business in my world.

I strive to have true relationships with people and find the authenticity in their stories.

[true – sincere – genuine – honest – positive]



I believe that people connect with you because of who you are and what you stand for.



I travel the world, meet people with a vision and brands with a real purpose.

During these travels, we find cool projects to work on….

Most projects focus on creating content, that is our core.

– We create branded content for brands, craft their stories, sharing them with influencers worldwide.

– Since 2 years, we also create content for people, to help them build and manage their online personal reputation.

We call this CoolBrands People. We do presentations and workshops on this subject, to help people understand what it is and how you can improve your online image.


If you want to connect with me, email works best…

Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter work as well. Just look for Anouk Pappers.


You can find stories at:

Anouk at Signitt

More about CoolBrands:


Speak Soon!


Anouk Pappers Brand Anthropologist






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