Around the World in 80 Brands - Paris

Paris – The culture of strolling

We’re enjoying a break on a small terrace in Paris’s Marais neighbourhood, sipping a café au lait and watching stylish people walk by. “This city is amazing,” I remark, “each neighbourhood has a unique feel to it. What a difference between the small-scale boutiques here and the department stores in the Hausmann area. Continue reading


Geneva – Crossing the lake

From Vevey we are about to cross Lake Leman, to Geneva. Enjoying a boat trip offers a nice change when you mostly travel by car. At the CGN ticket booth, the next departure is listed for 1.22 pm. With only 11 minutes left, too tight a schedule for a coffee really, that is, if it’s on time! “Let’s wait,” I propose and before we know it, the boat arrives.
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Meeting Sheikh Mohammed bin Faisal Al Qassimi

Discovering The Ajman Palace – We rented a car at Dubai Airport and instead of driving into town, where the action is, we head up north towards Ajman, in search of a more authentic Emirates experience – a place where you wake up in the morning and immediately know you’re in the Middle East – not like most hotels in Dubai, which have the same interior design as hotels in Paris or New York. Continue reading