Anouk Pappers - CoolBrands - Cape Town

Cape Town – Queen of the skies

This is it! We’re going paragliding today! I have been waiting for this moment for years… We are taking off from Lion’s Head beside Table Mountain, which is also where we meet Stef, who has prepared all the equipment. As there is a good wind we can use the lower take-off point, a gentle downward slope covered by a green net.
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Around the World in 80 Brands - Paris

Paris – The culture of strolling

We’re enjoying a break on a small terrace in Paris’s Marais neighbourhood, sipping a café au lait and watching stylish people walk by. “This city is amazing,” I remark, “each neighbourhood has a unique feel to it. What a difference between the small-scale boutiques here and the department stores in the Hausmann area. Continue reading