Why your digital reputation matters and how to influence it

I read a great article on Forbes.com by Tripp Donnelly who is CEO and Founder of REQ, a digital marketing company specializing in advocacy, reputation and brand marketing. He is touching on all the points we always make in relation to building a proper online reputation.

His introduction could have been our usual intro talk!

As we all know, we’ve moved from the age of information to the age of reputation. People trust what they find in search engine results, more than any other source.

He moves on with saying that the news cycle online may evolve quickly, but your digital footprint never disappears. And the impact of search results don’t end on the first page of Google. They impact people’s behavior, decisions and, above all, reputation. Better to learn how to own our reputation in the digital space.

An important new element he is adding is that Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have moved beyond social media forums and now operate as search engines in and of themselves. So, people are using these platforms not only to interact, but increasingly to access information and make decisions.

By taking control of what people will find about you while googling, you are not simply ‘white washing’ – new content will not erase negative past news – but it is ‘basic hygiene’ to build your online presence and maintain a positive online reputation.

The author offers guidance by stating that all content is not created equally. If you want to own your online reputation, first take control of what you are saying, how you’re saying it and who you’re saying it to.

On the technical side, one should remain aware of the frequent changes to one’s own search results, the changes made to the search engines and platforms, and how they operate. Google, Facebook and Twitter continually update their algorithms, and staying aware of these changes will help you stay ahead.

Conclusion: you can’t opt out of having an online reputation in today’s world. Instead, you can be proactive, get ahead of common issues and own your digital presence.

Read the full article here.


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