Why brands should be investing in content curation

I read an article by Ross Simmonds on Business.com. He is an entrepreneur and digital marketing strategist and explains the difference between content creation and curation.

His key message is: we all know that Content is King, and we are encouraged to create more content and write more blogs. But the content available online is overwhelming and most topics have been covered. There is a growing need for people to curate great content instead.

What is content curation? Simmonds: “curation is the process of filtering through all the articles, resources, newsletters, forums and blogs to uncover and identify value resources worth sharing.”

Four benefits of content curation for brands:
1. It takes less time than creation – Today, there are plenty of content curation tools that you can use to quickly uncover, read and share content within minutes.
2. Opening doors to new relationships – the ability to connect with industry influencers and potential business partners is an important strategic effort.
3. Great way to build an audience. The key is ensuring that the content you’re curating is truly unique.
4. Helps to build a thriving community – don’t just share content –add context.

read the full story here.

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