How to develop and promote your personal brand as a woman

I read this article on Harvard Business Review by Dorie Clark, a marketing strategist and professional speaker who teaches at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

Dorie sums up the problem quite neatly: “We can all think of examples of women who have been publicly criticized for being “too aggressive” or labeled an “ice queen” or the “b-word”. So how can you, as a woman, navigate this conundrum and develop a robust personal brand? Here are three strategies that can help ensure your talents are recognized.”

Dorie quotes from Research by Sylvia Ann Hewlett at the Center for Talent Innovation which shows that “cultivating your personal brand is one of the best ways to attract a sponsor — and professionals with sponsors are 23% more likely than their peers to be promoted.”

But, she adds, personal branding has some unique challenges for female professionals.

Here are some good tips to avoid coming across as too aggressive while gender norms presume that women should be agreeable, warm, and nurturing.

  1. Network both inside and outside your organization – consciously cultivate a broad network, so if your situation changes or you need backup, you have options.
  2. Control your narrative. Help others understand the truth about your journey by developing a clear and concise elevator pitch.
  3. Share your ideas publicly. Content creation is a good way to share your ideas and build a positive reputation at scale.

She concludes wisely: “if we don’t control our own narrative and show the world what we can contribute, odds are very few people will actually notice.”

Read the full story here.


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