“Searching for stamps of credibility”

I found this article on PRNewswire, written by the research authors from Clutch, a B2B research, ratings and reviews firm.

It confirms what we have been talking about all these years: “the need for businesses to allot more time and money to their online presence, which impacts businesses’ control over their online reputation.”

Key findings in this survey:
1. more than 40% of digital marketers monitor their companies’ brand online daily, while 21% monitor their online reputation hourly.
2. Nearly 40% of businesses will increase their investment in online reputation management (ORM) this year.

And I read these two great quotes from Simon Wadsworth, managing partner at Igniyte, an online reputation management agency in the UK:

“When people search for brands online, they tend to search for stamps of credibility.

“If potential customers find anything negative, that could end up being a significant amount of leads the business won’t get from people who are put off from using the service.”

Read the full story here (with some useful stats)


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