Now is the time: Develop Your Personal Brand

I came across this interesting article on Forbes, written by Radhika Duggan, a financial services and healthcare marketing leader.

She talks about why it’s important for every professional to develop a personal brand. And she shares a framework of how to define your personal brand.

It’s an interesting approach that is a starting point of getting your message out there.

Having a personal brand is one, but you should use it to achieve your next goal, whether business, personal or social.

These are some of the reasons Radhika mentions why having a personal brand is relevant:

• Focus your professional development. Knowing your strengths and future focus areas puts you in the driver’s seat in your own career, helping you understand what next steps to take and what goals to set — in your current role or company, or externally.

• Establish yourself as a thought leader by building eminence and authority around the areas you have identified, reinforcing your personal brand.

• Identify fulfilling activities in your personal life, allocating your limited free time to opportunities and activities that truly interest and engage you.

Read the whole article here.




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