We’re living in a reputation economy

Your reputation plays a decisive role whether people will or will not connect with you. The way that people do their background check on you is by Googling you. What they find on the first page of Google = your personal reputation. (Whether accurate or not)
How to differentiate yourself in this sea of sameness? The answer to this question is: Tell people what you stand for… tell them your purpose. A concrete purpose allows people to feel emotionally connected to you, which can improve the likelihood of them choosing you (your business).

Understanding your purpose is like peeling back the layers of an onion — you must go beyond the surface to get clarity on what really matters. Complete this work and you will open the doors and inspire anyone who comes in contact with you.

– Find Your Personal Purpose
Personal purpose describes what you see as important on a personal level, as well as the reasons behind the decisions you make daily. What inspires or motivates you to do the work you do? What change do you want to create in the world? What gets you out of bed each morning? Evaluating what you see as your purpose in life allows you to recognize what you hope to achieve through your business and the work you do every day.

– Define Your Core Values
Core values are a set of principles that reflect what’s truly important to you. How do you make decisions? How do you treat people? What influences the way you see the world?
Once you answer these questions on a personal level, translate those values into a business mindset. For example, if you hold true to the “don’t follow the herd” mantra, that could translate into “Give yourself permission to stand out” in the business world.

– Consider the Big Picture
The big picture is about getting clarity on what it all means. What stories emerge from these considerations? What message do you have to send out into the world? When you’re able to look at your purpose and core values and see the picture they create, you’re able to find a powerful way to share your story.

– Create a Manifesto
A manifesto is a story that shares your viewpoints. It not only highlights what you do, but it also emphasizes the reasons you do the work you do.
– Write stories about projects you did
– Speak at conventions. Write articles. Participate in online panels.

– Publish the content you created on platforms that Google likes
(WordPress, Scribd, Slideshare…)
– Seed the links to the content in the social networks

Defining your purpose will give you focus and inspiration, and it will provide the people you want to connect with an understanding of your ethics and relevance. Show them what you care about and demonstrate a commitment to those ideals, and the money will follow.

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