The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge in Orlando

A compilation of the meetings I had in the Girls’ Lounge, talking to women to define what they stand for and to find their confidence signature.



Tags: Marjorie Schussel, Megan DeCicco, Lidwina van Kooten, Allison Kronick, Leigh Raque, Livia Binks, Rebecca D’Entremont, Rochelle Bergstrom, Denise Ehrich, Judith Duranleau, Victoria Finn, Coleen Kuehn, Rachael Tobin, Cynthia Ashworth, Magdalena Hughes, Kaaren Ruth, Elizabeth Marks, Jenna Beardsley-Smith, Patty DeWees, Anouk Pappers, CoolBrands Women, Ipsos Girls’ Lounge, Shelley Zalis, Cassandra Nuttall, Dawn Lokken, Sarah Pettit, Sofia Reyes, Talia Bender, Rachel Zalis, Tisa Camet, Robin Choudhury, Cassidy Kjeldsen


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