People do business with you because of what you stand for…

The Guardian published an article I wrote in the Women in Leadership section about just this.

I believe that people want to do business with you, work with you or even be with you, because of who you are and what you stand for.
Much more so than because of what you do.

This means you have to tell, share, show what you stand for.

Most of us do this okay in the real world.

But what about online? What do you find when you Google me?

I have witnessed this firsthand during my trips around the world, meeting people with a vision.

People Google me and find what I stand for, why I do the things I do.

And what happened is that they started asking me to help them, help them craft their story, help them articulate their uniqueness.

Then I write, publish online, share and seed their stories.

To make sure they find the real you.






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