Geneva – Crossing the lake

From Vevey we are about to cross Lake Leman, to Geneva. Enjoying a boat trip offers a nice change when you mostly travel by car. At the CGN ticket booth, the next departure is listed for 1.22 pm. With only 11 minutes left, too tight a schedule for a coffee really, that is, if it’s on time! “Let’s wait,” I propose and before we know it, the boat arrives.

Crossing the lake

Sitting on the deck, I visualise Switzerland as a brand. What would its brand values be like?

“Security, exactness, reliability, high quality would certainly feature on the list,” I enumerate out loud. Maarten doesn’t seem to listen, as he is looking at his watch all the time.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, “Is your watch broken?” “No, no, nothing special,” Maarten murmurs, “just checking.” “Okay, let’s see, Switzerland is of course famous for
its top brand watches, financial services and its favourable climate for entrepreneurs.” As we pass the beautiful vignobles de Lavaux cultivated as terraces, Maarten is still focusing on his watch. I rouse him, saying:

“Have a look at this fantastic lake, surrounded by UNESCO vineyards and majestic Alps. I can already see the fountain, we’re almost there!” While Maarten keeps his eye on his watch, I admire Geneva’s architecture.


Then, as the boat ties up, he suddenly stands up and cheers: “5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Yes, incredible, exactly on time! What you just said about Swiss brand values is absolutely true: a boat trip that is said to take 1 hour and 5 minutes, and which actually leaves and arrives on time, there is nothing more accurate!” “True,” I agree stepping on to the quay, “but let me check out another Swiss value: I urgently need to test if Swiss chocolate also meets my high expectations!”

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