Persil Forest by CoolTravel – Update November 2011

In September 2009 we planted the first trees for the relations of Persil in order to stress the importance of sustainability. In November 2010 we went back to take pictures of the trees that have been planted so far, to see how they all have grown, and they have!
In November 2011 we have made the next update reportage, most of the trees are really taking shape and growing well. And of course we have planted some new ones. Use Ctrl-F to find your tree, based on your name. Spread the word!
Your tree is taken care of for 5 years. If your tree does not survive, because of ants, goats, cows or other natural causes, a new tree will be planted instead. This can be a tree of a different species, which then explains the different trees on your pictures through the years.

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